Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Fossils tree at Mysore zoo (wood like stone)

One of the wood look,like stone at the Mysore zoo. When we see in long distance it is a piece of wood, of a tree. But it is not a stem of a tree. it is a stone. In that stone we can see micro structure of wood. If anybody went there don't miss to see this miracle stone.

This is an exhibit of fossil tree trunk which is over 150 million years old. This has been brought from Yamanapalli village in Adilabad district of Andhra Pradesh from Kota rocks of Jurassic age .the tree trunk which is now seen here as a fossil has preserved the minute internal structure of the wood excellently. The age of the rocks, the evolution of plant life through the geologic ages and climatic conditions during the past history of the earth are all interpreted from a study of these fossil remains.

Geological survey of India
Karnataka south circle, 

I clicked some pics of the rock they are here 

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